Our Customers

We are partnering with other leading company to bring you the highest quality work that meet our clients’ expectation.

İBB Kültür A.Ş.

Production and installation of Formula 1 outdoor advertising panels in 2005

Brock USA

2008 yearly production of cereals, silos, conveyor carriers and towers

Alapala A.Ş.

Continuous manufacturing of conveyor and tower in UAE, Ghana, Uzbekistan

BT Pack Fransa

Continuous manufacture of container covers in 2009

Trump Towers

Trump Towers tower construction steel staircases in 2011

CNR Fuarcılık

CNR Fuarcılık Yeşilköy fairground crossing bridge project and application

Boyner Mağazacılık A.Ş.

Şaşkınbakkal steel works project and application

Hürriyet Gazetecilik A.Ş.

Istanbul building construction, steel and facade application

Bahar Country Restauran

Bahar Country Restaurant project construction complete application.

Lider İplik A.Ş.

Lider İplik Tekirdag Poy Facility construction complete steel manufacturing assembly

Pulver Kimya Boya A.Ş.

Gebze factory warehouse steel manufacturing assembly works

  • Çengelköy water sports center steel and roof project application
  • Gebze CİB Nuri Çolakoğlu Industrial Vocational High School steel project and application
  • Grup Madencilik Çerkezköy Factory construction project manufacturing and assembly
  • Grup Madencilik Çerkezköy Sand Drying Industrial plant design and construction
  • In 2000, Silivri Mehmet Gokhan House steel projecting manufacturing and assembly

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