Steel Construction Project

Our company, which produces Steel Construction Projects, provides static calculations, architectural and static projects, drawing and consultancy services for all types of construction works.

We provide turnkey steel construction services for your construction investments in the following areas.

  • Industrial plants
  • Logistics facilities
  • Administration buildings
  • R & D and Laboratory buildings
  • Training facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Health facilities
  • Storey car parks
  • Airplane hangars
  • Terminal buildings
  • Multi-storey residential buildings and buildings
  • Mosque, Airport, Stadiums
  • Bridges and other structures

The static project can be defined as the calculation of all structural elements on the building. In accordance with the architectural project, the static project prepared according to the scale size is the most important stage in the design of the building.

A structural system suitable for the architectural project of the building is determined.

After the structural system is determined, structure analysis is done. Special loads affecting the structure and service loads specified in the specification are also taken into account. Static calculations are made by taking into account the extra loads such as earthquake, snow loads and wind. Steel profiles to be used with static calculation are determined. How to combine the building elements, welding, bolt screws and rivets are also made. Static drawings showing these calculations are processed on layouts. General view, plan and sections of the structure, typical and detail drawings of joint points are drawn. Steel construction project drawings can be prepared upon the completion of the steel construction project drawings.

Steel Project

The static calculations of steel projects, static account reports and earthquake reports are made by the calculation methods described by the specifications, but are produced in accordance with Eurocode Design region, Russian specifications and American specifications.

Our engineers and architects, who have hundreds of thousands of square meters of static account experience, prepare aesthetic projects by making static and dynamic analyzes of steel construction structures.

Steel Structure Project

Steel structure project in the field of steel static calculators, steel project drawing services of our company providing all kinds of structure;

  • steel construction project drawing
  • steel construction barn projects
  • steel structure project drawing
  • steel construction roof projects
  • steel construction house projects
  • steel construction factory projects
  • steel structure project accounts
  • steel construction manufacturing projects
  • steel construction architectural drawings
  • steel construction school projects
  • steel construction
  • steel structure static project
  • steel construction villa projects
  • steel construction
  • steel construction warehouse projects
  • prepare steel construction hangar projects.

You can get detailed information about the design of the steel structure from our project office located in Beşiktaş district of Istanbul.

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